Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Valentine’s Day is an incredibly unique holiday.  It is founded in carnage, and in modern times represents love as well as stress.  Some people hate it, others love it, but we all celebrate it in our own unique way, whether it be sipping alone on a martini remembering, making dinner and a film happen with a loved one, or shyly sending chocolates and flowers to another.

“F*ck You” is founded in pop culture, so I have scoured searched the intertubes for a couple of my favorite Valentines and almost-memes.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this unusual holiday I hope everyone has a great time and remembers this caveat:  No matter alone or together someone is thinking of you today.  Forgotten loves never truly remain forgotten, and prevalent love is well–prevalent.  So, cherish it and hold it.  Enjoy a drink for me, and for those we’ve loved and those we will.

Star Wars 00 Valentine Samwise Valentine Hannibal Valentine Captain Kirk Valentine Alien ValentineHappy Valentine's Day everyone!



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