Sonia G Medeiros’ “January Writing Challenge: Fifty on One”

I regularly read and comment on Sonia’s blog, “Doing the Write Thing,” and every month or so she holds a writing challenge to her subscribers and stumble upon-ers.  For example, the last writing challenge she held could be of any genre, but had to pertain to the topic of ‘masks’; this time around the challenge is to write a piece that is exactly fifty-words and encompasses a specific word from a predetermined word list.  After a writer completes the challenge they then add their own word to the list, so that future readers/posters will have more words to choose from in order to vary up the challenge as more people post.  At the time that I read the original post there were only three words available (disintegration, quotidian, and collection), but after only a week or so there have been quite a few added to the list.  With this in mind I urge everyone to give the challenge a whirl; it is loads of fun and is a great way to flex one’s writing muscles.

My word to be added to the list will be ‘precocious’ and here is my stab at the challenge:


He loved her.  She loved him. They were the last.  World disintegration–left with but two.  “Breathe,” she told him, and he did.  He burst through crashing waves.  He found salvation.  They weren’t alone; they were just lost, and she had found the way.  And, then they saw the sun.