Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep” promotional trailer released (Video)

Doctor SleepWith the release of Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep” right around the corner (9.24.2013), buzz has started to generate en masse– Numerous websites, blogs, and book sellers are running contests offering FREE copies of “The Shining” sequel dependent on the contestants involvement in their site or the plugging of King’s novel.

One such establishment, the Early Reader’s Club, has been steadily and frequently uploading posts concerning “Doctor Sleep,” while staggering their announcements of the winners of their coveted “Doctor Sleep” editions.

On today’s post, they released the “Doctor Sleep” TV promotional trailer, which can be viewed here on the Examiner by clicking on the attached video.  It is definitely a bit eerie and surreal, but if it wasn’t…I would have been disappointed.

Check back here for more “Doctor Sleep” news as it becomes available, and if I’m lucky an early review of the novel itself.


Goal! (12.9.2011)

In light of my last post I have decided to do a weekly post listing out some of my goals for the week.  I think it’ll be a good exercise and refocus and bolster my spirits.  It’s the holidays!  A time of happiness, family, and friends.  A lot of fellow bloggers write out their goals and whether they’ve met them or not, so I think I’ll follow suit and see ho wit pans out.  So, here it goes:

1.  Finish reading Mathew Reilly’s, “Ice Station.”

2.  Write “Defenders #1″ article for the Examiner before next Wednesday (12.14.2011)

3.  Write “Fantastic Four Reboot” article for the Examiner

4.  Watch the “Fighter.” (finally)

5.  Come up with two new splash pages for the Martian Manhunter blog (one possibly from Marvel’s Siege)

6.  Review at least three other writer’s work on Writer’

7.  Start on next chapter of “Jack and the Lilac Butcher.”

We’ll see how many of these I can complete within in the week!  Not a long nor a short list, but very doable.