Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole Holiday AlbumThe holidays are always a big deal around my household.  Gifts and whatnot have never been the focus, but decorating, being with family, listening to holiday music, eating good food, and having good drinks has always been a staple.  Starting with my Great Grandmother, the importance of the holidays spread down through the ranks and continues to be relevant even after her passing.

For whatever reason, holiday music has always put me in the mood for the holidays.  If I am feeling down or overburdened with work I always pop in Nat king Cole’s holiday albums and it brightens my day.  “The Christmas Song” is my favorite of his, but there are so many to enjoy throughout the holidays.

Check out modern duet of “The Christmas Song” featuring Nat King Cole and his daughter Natalie Cole:

Nat King Cole: Nat King Cole was born in 1919 and came to prominence as a leading Jazz Pianist.  His popularity grew due to his soft baritone and enigmatic personality.  He was one of the first African Americans to host a variety hour.  He composed and recorded dozens and dozens of records throughout his career, and continues to maintain mainstream popularity even fifty-years after his death.


Goals, Christmas, and Movies.

A week-and-a-half ago or so I posted a post detailing out some personal goals of mine to complete within one week in order to get me out of Funktown and back on the road again.   I have not written out a detailed list of goals for myself since childhood, and they are a lot more difficult to keep than I would have thought.  I finished about half the items on my list, but I overshot my week timeframe by almost another full week.  Some goals I even replaced with other endeavors, but it seems as if that logic would inevitably defeat the purpose of the list.  However, by focusing on smaller tasks I was able to pull my self out of my funk and I feel as creative as ever, which in the long run was my ‘true’ goal.  So, all in all, I would say that my post did just the job I was hoping it would do.  Maybe as a New Year resolution I will vow to be more diligent about completing my goals (no matter how small) within my allotted timeframe.

It has been an unusual and crazy week and with the holidays in sight I have a feeling that quite a few people felt the same.  December can be a tumultuous time.  There is so much pressure on everyone to make the holidays…holiday-y, and it can be a heavy burden to bear.   With work, family, friends, travel, gifting, food making, and everything else that befalls this hectic time frame it is a miracle that we all survive.  Personally I had to take a step back and try and look at what really makes me happy and what I want out of this time.  I want to be with my family, so I made sure and created definite plans so that I could be with the people I love most.  I also love Christmas shopping.  I am not so big into the wrapping portion of gifts, but I do enjoy buying the ‘perfect’ gift for someone I care about.  I love good eats and drinks.  Give me some Eggnog coffee, some Turkey, sausage stuffing, and a slice of pumpkin pie Cheesecake and I am in heaven.  With these couple of staples in place the holidays are set for me.

Even though Robert Downey, Jr. is my favorite actor I thought that Jude Law's "Watson" poster was awesome.

Also, last Saturday I was able to see “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” and I absolutely loved it!  Robert Downey, Jr. is my favorite actor and Guy Ritchie is my favorite director, so I was planning on being wowed from the get go.  Seeing a couple films in theaters during the holidays has always been a semi-tradition, in the Schultz household, and it bolsters my sense of Christmas spirit during the season.  I am hoping to watch “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” this coming Saturday to top of my pre-Christmas bolstering.

And, as far as today is concerned I have a great book to finish, an article to write, and a stack of comics to read with a pot of Eggnog coffee brewing in the background.  It is going to be a good, good day.  Happy holidays everyone!