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It is easy to get lost in your own head.  We are all guilty of that at sometime or another, right?  Well, every once in a while I’ll get a snap back to reality and I’ll take a moment (or two) to appreciate those that define my life.

I have a very ebb and flow work style, which isn’t always conducive to long-lasting professional relationships.  My editor, Brian Triplett, has been a friend and colleague since I started contributing to the Examiner and he graciously agreed to start editing for me…merely because I asked.  That is an immense leap for anyone, and I doubt he realizes how much it means to me.

examinerdotcom-logoSo, if you get a chance:  Check out his Examiner page and blog, Pop Culture Warehouse.  They are both well-worth the read and subscription.  He covers a variety of topics from television, films, books, religious issues and news, mid-East relations, social media—  Essentially, the whole kit and kaboodle!

Like aforementioned, people are defined by others in their lives, and men are defined by the strong women in their lives.  The ol’ adage: “Behind every successful is man is a stronger woman,” is true.  I am fortunate enough to have three incredibly strong and successful women at my back who support me through thick-and-thin, and more-importantly define my day-to-day life.

My sister, Caitlin, is immensely intelligent (far smarter than I) and incredibly hardworking.  As a teenager she works nearly full-time whilst balancing family and school life with ease.  In her spare time she has numerous hobbies and pop culture addictions, and somehow, somewhere betwixt the chaos, she finds time to manage my ARSchultz Tumblr account and run her own blog with my equally talented mother, Chris Schultz.

My mother manages to take time management to a whole new level:  She works full-time as a teacher where she homeschools my younger brother as well as my sister, she then manages a household of four in its entirety (base to boards), and in between those full-time jobs she runs my sister back-and-forth for her shifts at work (around school lessons I might add) while indulging in hobbies ranging from pretty much anything in the sphere of pop culture that might nab her interest.  Then, on top of it all, she is an amazingly gifted poet and takes the time to handle the bulk of my social media endeavors—  She runs the official ARSchultz Facebook page, coordinates media blitzes and advertising, as well as wrangling me in when my work ethnic dips below subpar.

Nevertheless, I digress…

My sister and my mother have joined forces to create a new blog.  I know, I know…everyone has a blog, right?  Hell, you’re reading this on a blog right at this moment, so why should you had another to your RSS feed collection?

Well, you should and here is why:

cropped-geekPop Goes the Geek Girl is unique.  It hits on all things pop culture—  Music, film, television, books, etc., etc.  This unto itself isn’t standout-worthy, but what is the delivery and writing.  The writing is topnotch, better than you’ll find anywhere else, and then on top of it readers will be getting two perspectives for the price of free.  More often than not, pop culture reviews and insights get skewed, because of the person writing them, or more-specifically the age, background, current ongoings and situations of the writers, but what-if you had two writers working together in unison from different upbringings, generations, and predispositions, that absorbed the content together and each brought something to the table but a little bit differently?

The answer to that rhetorical question is a kickass blog that finds its footing in awesomeness and objectivity.  If you like art in any of its forms you need to check out this blog…it will not disappoint.

To subscribe, follow, and like Pop Goes the Geek Girl click here to be redirected.  Stay tuned there or here for more announcements concerning Pop Goes the Geek Girl.



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StumbleUponStumbleUpon is still fairly underground—  Not everyone uses it, yet it drives more than 50% of all social media traffic!  This statistic is truly staggering.

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Keep it focused here on ‘F*ck You’ for all things ARSchultz and pop culture related.


Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter by Sir Stanley Spencer (1937)

Life is crazy.  Super crazy—no joke.  I spend my nights working graveyard shifts in order to retain some semblance of healthcare, and I spend my days writing, promoting, reading, and absorbing as much pop culture as Borgly possible.  During the rare occasions that I actually find some shuteye I dream of two things: electric sheep and the one-day that I’ll live abroad as a fulltime writer.  Even if it is just ever so briefly I will feel fulfilled; honestly who knows maybe the path to literary greatness only resides in alcoholism and sadness, but I am going to try my damndest to repave that yellow brick road with moderation and wit. I’m definitely not one to try and rekindle the Beat Generation in some desperate plea to find an ends to a means, but in a world where craziness runs wild like a lost bumble bee in a snow storm I think my odds of running against the grain are at least an even fifty-fifty.  To read about Billy Burroughs maybe be intriguing, but to live the life is another thing all together.

Thus far I’ve been fairly successful.  I’ve finally begun to save for that journey abroad and every minor success seems to be slowly adding together towards a fulltime writing gig.  I’ve built a following from absolutely nothing.  I’ve had complete and utter strangers shred my work as well as provide it with glowing terms of admiration.

We live in such a dichotomous life that it’s heard to believe in the gray at times.  We’re bombarded with this black and white perception of reality, when in fact we all live in a varied gray-space.  For example, when I write I listen to music.  This by itself isn’t all uncommon, but at times I like to curl up and click, clack away like a childish Bull listening to the soft crackle of my record player as the decades gone by lyrics of Sinatra sooth and influence my prose; however, at other times I sit in my study with a Bacardi and cola fervently penning my next chapter of “Jack and the Lilac Butcher” to various hip-hop legends.  This is the just a mere example of the gray that I have created for myself.

We all have it, and it extends far beyond my shallow music example.  It resides within our day-to-day interactions as well as more philosophical ideologies as they pertain to religion and politics.  I’m an agnostic liberal who tries to be a student of all faiths and politics.  I may not agree with everyone all the time, but I will always stay deeply nestled within the French cuff of knowledge—folded nicely away like a cybernetic fly on the virtual wall.

I live in a constant state of flux.  I’m constantly evaluating and re-evaluating every decision I’ve ever made as well as every immediate decision I will make.  I take different angles on all predicaments and try to proceed with the utmost care by jockeying back and forth between caution and impulse.  It’s a rough ride like all of our own personal journeys, but there is one thing that I have learned over the course of twenty some odd years: live for your desires.

So, many people live in this habitual bubble that just slowly dissipates over the years–until it just pops one day.  There is no point in existence if life is lived that way.  Just like the Force, there needs to be balance.  A beam needs to be carefully walked across as you enter every and any situation.  Caution and impulse need to be wed, and the gray needs to be embraced.  Nothing is black and white, and everything that appears to be so—isn’t.  True story.  Look it up.  I read it in a book.


A.R. Schultz

shout OUT!

I would like to give a shout out to the individuals who have supported my work by showcasing some of their work. I have met a ton of magnificent writers and artists that it is difficult to not get inspired by their dedication and hard work.  Here is a brief, and far from exhaustive, list of admirable individuals and their respective sites:

Brian Triplett

Brian Triplett is a fantastic columnist for the Examiner and hosts his own blog on Google’s BlogSpot.  He focuses primarily on the literary beat as well as the importance and innovations of social media websites, especially how they pertain to local Spokane denizens.  Check out his website and throw a couple of +1’s and ‘likes’ his way on his next periodical.

Spokane Books Examiner

Spokane Social Media Examiner

The Pop Culture Warehouse

Bob and Chrissy’s Lefty Leanings

Bob and Chrissy are a pair of political and environmental activists that love to challenge the many misconceptions of politics by engaging all types of individuals in healthy debates and conversation.  Check out their Facebook page and give ’em a ‘like.’

Bob and Chrissy’s Lefty Leanings Facebook Page

Celeste Sievers

Celeste Sievers is a talented artist and D.Y.I extraordinaire.  She hosts a wonderful blog detailing her influences and current projects that provides visitors a glimpse into the life of a creative mind.  Follow her on DeviantArt and Pinterest after you give her Comic Chic blog a gander.

Celeste Sievers @ DeviantArt (dot) com

Celeste Sievers @ Pinterest (dot) com

Comic Chic 

The Geeky Penguin

The Geeky Penguin is a pop culture aficionado who I had the pleasure of meeting on Digg (dot) com.  He writes anything from music to movie to game reviews to the many ponderings and influences that pop culture has upon our lives.  Follow the Geeky Penguin on Digg (dot) com, or give his eponymously titled blog a follow–you won’t be disappointed!

The Geeky Penguin @ Digg (dot) com

The Geeky Penguin 

Martin Gray

Martin Gray has a stellar comic book blog that holds fantastic discussions and incredibly thorough and analyzed reviews of the latest comics.  His voice pops from his reviews and his laced with little bits of comic book wisdom and intricacies that bump his posts up to a league of their own.  Gray’s, “TOO DANGEROUS FOR A GIRL!,” comic book blog is a must-read for anyone intrigued by the comic book industry.



Merlyn’s is the premier shop for all your comic and gaming needs in Spokane, WA.  The owner and staff are always engaging, friendly, and more than willing to help.  They hold regular events for just about everyone interests and they are constantly trying to out do themselves in one way or another.  If you are just visiting Spokane, or are a local who hasn’t stopped by yet, give Merlyn’s a try and a buy.


Nigel D Paul

Nigel is a beautiful and heartfelt poet/writer who always manages to put a piece of himself in his work.  In almost every post that I have read from his blog, “NDP,” there is always at least one line or phrase that strikes a chord.  If you ever just want to lose yourself in a bit of prose than this is the blog for you.  Give Nigel’s blog a look and follow to read some truly original and masterful work.



“read/RANT!” is wonderful conglomeration of writers and comic book lovers that just enjoy conversing and penning comic book reviews and posts.  I am deeply honored to have met such a great group of individuals and hear their opinions and feedbacks on all of the highs and lows that the industry has to offer.


Robert Schultz

Robert Schultz, aka Reggae Rob, has a popular, worldwide podcast that blends political, social, and economic motifs with past and present reggae riffs.  Countless nights I have been spent listening to a Rastaman Vibrations podcast, while composing my next article or scene.  Reggae Rob’s podcast is free to download and provides approximately a full hour of soulful vibrations that always cuts above the rest.

Rastaman Vibrations Reggae Podcast @ PodBean (dot) com

Rastaman Vibrations Reggae Podcast Facebook Group

Rastaman Vibrations on iTunes 

Sonia G. Medeiros

Sonia is a talented writer that hosts an incredibly engaging blog entitled, “Doing the Write Thing.”  If she is not holding her monthly writing challenge she is always keeping busy by keeping up on her ROW80 goals, fleshing out the latest supernatural post, guest blogging, networking, etc., etc.  All of her hard work pays off resulting in a well-maintained and high-quality website that makes her blog one of the best of the best.  Check it out and give her latest writing challenge and post a whirl and read.

Doing the Write Thing

Follow Sonia G. Medeiros at Twitter (dot) com


7takearisk7 is a friend that I met on StumbleUpon that greatly inspires me on a day-to-day basis just by being incredibly supportive and friendly.  He is a proveyor of the arts, and his talents in writing, social networking, and friendship go well-beyond most.  Give 7takearisk7 a proverbial nod by visiting his Categorian page.  He constantly updates it making a fantastic hub to launch into the beauty of everyday life.

7takearisk @ Categorian(dot) com