Trace the curvature around the soft lines of a beautiful woman.  Clutch the beauty and take it.  Ask her for forgiveness.  Plead for your sins.  Weave the life you were meant to live by transcending the trivialities of the plan.  Come to together, fall together, and run together.  Tell he she’s your queen, tell her she’s the one.  Embrace the sheets and find the ecstasy you’ll find in between them.  Dab the fallen tear as it infinitely glistens and refracts the multiple hues of azure.  There is no room for salted tears in a land filled with ghost and goblins.  Only strength and survival are welcome there.  Tap into the Yggdrasil root and clutch the seed of life as you plunge into the clear waters.  Swim to the shore and kiss her.  For there is only one, and she deserves a kiss.  My chips may lay in the sand, but just like your cheeks, I hold a flush in my hand.