Generation Bit

TumblrI follow a video game Tumblr called, “Generation Bit,” that is absolutely glorious.  It’s simple, it’s informative, and it’s personal.  All-in-all, it’s my perfect cup of Earl Grey.

A pair of gents by the handles of ‘The Commodore’ and ‘Reginald’ write the posts and take of the re-blogs, but from what I can ascertain Reginald doesn’t post much, the Commodore is a prick, and the two work together but don’t get along(?).

Nevertheless the content speaks for itself.  Those passing through can see the passion, so give “Generation Bit” some love with a heart, plug, or re-blog.  (F.Y.I.  – I will be permalinking “Generation Bit” in the right-hand column under the “Affiliates” sub-heading).  Please leave a comment here (or there)– as always…it would be much appreciated.

The Wolf Among Us

Here is some Sushi for thought:

What games are you most looking forward to in 2014?  Has XBOX One or PS4 convinced you of their way?– Weigh in.